When I began volunteering at Good News at Noon, the goal was to organize the food pantry. I thought I would go few times, organize some canned goods and that would be it. I still go... helping serve, cook or whatever needs to be done. Their motto is Lift Jesus up... I continue to see all the different ways that the people at Good News at Noon do just that. I am so blessed to be able to volunteer at an organization that is Christ-centered in everything they do.

A kitchen and dining hall volunteer

Good News at Noon is such a special place to me!  The people I have met here, whether through a brief meeting or through a deeper personal relationship, are forever etched in my heart.  My time serving at GN@N has truly been a blessing to me over the years.

Valerie R
Children's ministry and food ministry volunteer

"When we come to Good News, I hope our students can recognize that church isn't about just them, a building, a program, or an event. Discipleship calls each of us to die to our own desires and to live for Christ completely. One of my favorite parts about coming to Good News is the interaction we have between our students of all ages, churches and life experiences. That is what being in the Body of Christ is about."

Volunteer in Children's Ministry and Meal Ministry

"Feeling the tug of God's Spirit led me to Good News.  I feel blessed to lead a small Bible study, and all are welcome.  We then serve lunch with God's blessings from volunteer churches and individuals.  Being a small part in God's mission of help and cheer is just awesome."

Reed T.
Volunteer in the Shelter Ministry