August Newsletter

With Love
“What is the definition of compassion?”  A few days ago as I was leaving for home, an older gentleman who is struggling mightily in life asked this question of me.   My first reaction was to give the dictionary definition and move to my car.   God stopped my steps.  This man didn’t need THAT definition.  He wanted to know what compassion is in the real world.  I’m certain he knows what it isn’t.  He wanted to know where compassion dwells.  He knows where it doesn’t.  Do I live my life with compassion?  Do I take compassion wherever I travel? Please, Lord, let it be so.
An Envelope of Love

James is a past guest at Good News at Noon. A few days after arriving, James found a job and has worked hard.  He has now saved enough money to rent a place to live and is now saving to buy a car.  James was inspired by the impact that Good News at Noon has had on his life. 

On a Friday this month, James came to Good News at Noon to say hello as well as thank you. While he was here, he asked Denise (Community Coordinator) for an envelope.
After handing one to him ,he wrote on it and gave it back.  James had written, "Thank you Good News at Noon for helping me" and he had placed $20 in the envelope.

 James' gift will in-turn give the same support and care for another man at the shelter which he once received. 

Thank You
Good News at Noon would like to say an enormous "thank you" to you. Your donations are noticed. You are noticed. Thank you not only for supporting our ministry, but for supporting our local community. 
"He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end."

Ecclesiastes 3:11
Lee is a working man!

Our Facebook community reached out to this community and blessed Lee as well as five other men  who now have work boots. 

Director's Thoughts

Routines are part of all our lives and (mostly) serve to bring stability through their consistency. Conversely, a break in routine can result in sadness, anxiety, frustration, or other unsettling emotions and at the same time be exciting as new possibilities emerge. As another summer winds down, I am (for the most part) excited! I have seen God’s relentless faithfulness through our volunteers and the lives of our neighbors. I’ve heard that summers are our “slack” time. I can’t wait to see the results when our whole community gets back in the routine of serving at Good News at Noon!
~Ken Gossage
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