November Newsletter

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Four of our men publicly professed their faith in Christ through baptism.

One of our men, Johnny, has been through a long process of getting to know, trust, and love God.  With the help of many community and staff members, we were able to plan his baptism at Good News at Noon.  
James and Todd, while in a Bible study, placed trust in Christ and desired to be baptized. 
The morning of the baptism during our church service, Robert, said yes to God. He also asked to be baptized.
How incredible is our God!
AHSA Club Takes Vitals
Our lunch group received a unique experience from UNG Healthcare students. Forty of our men and women of all ages were given free vital check-ups during lunch. They had their blood-pressure, lungs, and pulse screened. They were also given healthcare baggies filled with toiletries and snacks. 
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"Having been buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him through your faith in the working of God, who raised him from the dead."

Colossians 2:12

Director's Thoughts

We explain to each man staying with us that we are a “transitional” shelter, meaning that while here, we will support and encourage them to make progress in three areas: spiritual, relational, and financial. Progress in each of those areas involves reconciliation: with God, with other people, and with institutions. The most important is their spiritual reconciliation through Jesus Christ. We have been blessed to celebrate 6 baptisms recently of men in our shelter. Please pray with us, for continued spiritual birth and growth, reconciliation with families and friends, and reconciliation with employers, banks and law enforcement.

~Ken Gossage

Sharing Their Supplies to Help Their Neighbors
Meal times are special here. Dozens of people pile into the dining hall to hopefully stuff their stomach before they go back to the shelter or onto the streets.

A common misconception about people who are homeless is that they are "me" minded. While this can be true, like all of us, this moment was different.

Men and women lined up with their food plates to use the condiment bottles.
When they saw that another person  needed the bottle they were going to use, instead of finishing their turn, they gave the bottle to that person first. They saw another person in need and they fulfilled that person's need immedately. We can give more than we do. We can serve more than we choose to. We can fulfill someone's need immediately  just like these men and women here.

This is a small moment that shows us that if someone else can give when they are hungry, then we can give even when we are in need. 
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