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Pastor's Report: February 2023

Earlier in the month Good News Church baptized Jaylen Prayer and Sam Creel on a Monday night. This timing was due to their work schedules. The Lord worked through our whole ministry with these men. The staff, believing residents, weeknight chapel and discipleship groups, and a safe place for residents to reside and evaluate their lives, were all used in ministering to these men.

At the conclusion of Sunday’s service Shawn Friere (female -mid 40s), and Isaac Ruiz(male age 20) were counseled about their relationship with Christ and they requested baptism to affirm their allegiance to Jesus Christ as Savior. We again stresses that we would walk with them in this new life and would provide discipleship for them. We hope to make plans this week for a baptism after church on Sunday February 19th.

Last Saturday I rode with Jeff Bagwell to Duluth as the family of Bonnie Gillespie -Carrillo held a memorial service for her at the Phoenix Church building in Duluth, GA. Bonnie tragically died on the
railroad tracks in town earlier this month. I spoke briefly about our relationship with her and our ministry. The Duluth Phoenix pastor provided and led the service. Members of her hurting family she
had distanced herself from eulogized her. I and many others had tried to engage her in our ministry when she came for meals. In my experiences with her she would often come in after services to eat. Addiction had ravaged her life. The family had talked about visiting our Sunday service later in her honor and possibly having a prayer session at the railroad tracks. The Lord has shown us some great victories as well as this tragic conclusion of Bonnie’s life. We can be comforted by Galatians 6:9 “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

This Friday February 17 and Sunday February 18 Andy Collins are going to the Sun Suite Inn in Ringgold for a Men’s Conference provided by A.I.M. (Association of Independent Methodists) led by a professor and pastor from Wesley Biblical Seminary. Two men from the shelter and two more men who attend church with us are going. Ken and I will talk to see if it is possible if more men could go if this would be something they would value and their work situation would allow. The cost is low as it costs $110 for a double room and $185 for a single. It is encouraged to provide a love offering for the speaker and his travels. The cost would cover a meal Friday night and Sunday morning. Andy and myself would provide transportation for the four men. If more go we will need to find more vehicles. If any men on our board or staff want to go you are strongly encouraged to go with us. I have to let the leader of this event know our total for rooms by this Thursday.

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Lift Jesus Up!
Fletcher Law D.Min
Pastor, Good News at Noon