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Good News at Noon has provided shelter for hundreds of men since the early 1990s, but as homelessness in our area multiplied, our 16 beds were significantly short of the growing need. We realized the GN@N shelter beds had become a Kingdom provision supplied by God for our stewardship, so in 2020 we moved toward a transitional shelter model similar to other life transformation ministries who were also members of the Citygate Network. Thus was born the Pathway to Life program through which several common areas of lack for homeless men are addressed: relational, mental/behavioral health, spiritual, and employment/financial. Our new campus has 40 beds for homeless men desiring the transformation necessary to permanently get off the streets and experience the life for which God created them. The foundational step of the Pathway to Life program is a 2-3 week process of assessing immediate needs. This may include obtaining a state ID, birth certificate, social security card and medical and mental health care. This step will also allow residents time to rest and gain stability. Upon completion of this step, a decision will be made determining possible placement in one of the transitional steps.

Good News at Noon has always had a significant number of homeless women receiving services through outreach. In 2018, when it became apparent that God was directing us to build a new campus, we began planning to add a women’s transitional shelter to the ministry. In December 2021, that plan became a reality as we found space to house 6 single, homeless women. Our capacity quickly grew to 12 beds and the new campus now has 20 beds for single, homeless women.

Track A

All residents committed to track A will be expected to work full-time, attend all evening and Sunday services, pay a weekly participation fee and identify major life issues and commit to seeking healthy life choices.

Track B

All residents committed to track B will be given additional time to gain stability and be assessed for further assistance (GED, job training, etc.). They will also be expected to follow everything in track A with the exception of working full-time.